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“Anytime again, more than recommendable – you can’t interpret mobile jazz better, our guests and we were completely thrilled (…). Simply super!”

“Mr. Lahrs was great communicating – perfect presentation – fantastic music! All present enjoyed every minute ! (…) Definetly will have them again!”

“It was exactly the kind of jazz we love.”

“Thank you very much for the great performance! Everything top! Great music in the background. All three musicians wowed the guests. Unreserved recommendation!”

“Great song selection and very nice gentlemen, definitely a recommendation!”

“I am very satisfied and can only recommend the three likeable artists!”

“JAM was the perfect musical support for our trade fair party. The handling was professional and uncomplicated, both before and after the performance.”

“We gladly recommend JAM to others and would be happy to host another event with this band soon.”

“A harmonious evening, as it should be! The trio was well received by the guests. The music was subtle, not intrusive, the musicians personable.”

“JAM’s performance was grandios.”

“Communication and coordination were very pragmatic and easy.”

“The performance was flanking at the entrance on arrival, a bit more discreet in the background in the later course. Musically, the band was always present and atmospherically perfectly matched to the setting of the wedding.”

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